the process 2

Hello ol’ Chaps & Chappettes!  So… I’m a bit worn out post-con and will have a bright and shiny new page for you next monday!  Buuuut for today, I barely made it out of bed to eat.  lol!  Anywho, as an offering of goodwill, here is a special set of pages previously only found in the printed issue!

This is basically how I do all my drawerings!  Not much has changed really since then, except that I use a wacom cintiq now (which is amazing btw) and I add a “soft focus” layer at the end to give it a little finishing touch.  You can see it from the start of Issue 3 onward.  To do that effect is easy with a photo editing program; just make merged copy of all the layers below the words and borders, do a blur filter to taste, then put it just below the border layer.  I like to drop the opacity of it to around 30% so it’s not too much softfocus, but anything between that and 50% is ok.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by my booth this weekend!  I had lots of fun!  Hopefully next monday I’ll be getting back on track with the pages.  Stay tuned!  >D

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