The Shakers Production Company would like to thank you all for the last 2 years of support!  It is the good folks like you, my viewers, that have pushed and inspired me to continue to do what I do!

Anyways, there’s been some changes happening here on the Coffin front.  I just got a new job!  Woot!  What does this mean for WS?  Well, hopefully not too much.  I’ll keep trying to update regularly on Mondays.  I should be able to keep up.  If not, at the worst, when things get overly busy, I might have to skip a week, but let’s hope that doesn’t happen.  Anyways, just thought you all should know.  I’ll keep you updated as things progress.  What’s Shakin’ and Coffin Comics aren’t going away any time soon!!  So have no fear!  There’s a lot still to come!  >D

So, here’s some wallpapers!


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