Well now, there’s a face we haven’t seen in a while!  But who is this mysterious stranger?  A new hero perhaps?  Find out next time!

Ok, by next time… I mean in a few weeks.  HA!  I’m going to be out and about doing some visitations with the families so there will be a brief delay in the pages.  While I’m out, there will be 2 free wallpapers that I’ll post as fillers for the weeks I’m gone!  (possibly a 3rd… it depends on if I can crank out another page)  Hope you all enjoy!  Eat lots of turkey if you celebrate that sort of thing, if not, then uh… eat some turkey anyways… it’s delicious!  >)

See y’all when I get back! (might not have interwebs, so… I might not get to talk to you guys till I get back.)

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