Eep indeed!  Then again, if my “lala-land” looked anything like Coffin’s, then I’d be staying there 24/7!  Well… if it didn’t have the creepy Fred snakes and disembodied heads talkin’ smack that is…  >)

Well gang… Nobody sent anything into the contest so… poo.  Coffin is a sad shaker!  Maybe I’ll extend it for another week if anyone still wants to send in a pic?  (contest2 at whatsshakincomic dot com)  But otherwise, idk.  So yeah, I’m going to be gone for a week or two coming up so I’m not overly sure what to put up here (was going to put costume pics) while I’m out. Maybe a wallpaper?  Fan arts if anyone wants to send them in and have them posted?

Maybe this wasn’t the right kind of contest, so if you guys have any ideas, let me know.  I kinda liked getting the fan art for that one, but ya gotta keep things fresh.  Dunno… I’m open to suggestions.  (especially if it’s something that has pics, so I can use it to fill in for times when I’m out for the week)

Anyways, getting a fancy drawing tablet in soon, so don’t be overly shocked if the style changes slightly in the next few weeks… my old tablet, well… it has holes in it.  Not fun when you hit a pothole on your paper!  XD

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