Well howdy folks!  It’s page 1 of issue 3!  Or page 56…  either way…

Anywho, here’s a pretty little scene for y’all to gander at!

First Prize!!!


A costume contest btw! So here’s the rundown… dress up as a What’s Shakin’ character for Halloween (or just for fun), take pics, then send them in! Also, dressing up your kids or pets will also count. I’ll choose the awesomest for the grand prize of a real life COFFIN SHAKER! Wicked huh? This piece is made with fine Italian craftsmanship! Well, a quarter Italian… still fine though… mmmhmm!

I’ll also have something for the next 3 runners up! A choice of 2 buttons from my shop page. How’s that sound? Good deal eh?

Deadline for entry is November 7th (midnight EST on that monday night)!! Also, please make the pics an acceptable size… so nothing like 300gb or 1kb… you know what I mean.

Send pics, name, and your wordpress name if you got one to:
contest2 (at) whatsshakincomic (dot) com

(that’s contest and the number two if the font looks wrong)

IMPORTANT: I WILL send you an email to confirm that I got your entry within 24 hrs! If you DO NOT get a response, please let me know! I’ll post the top 4 entries and maybe some more the week after.


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