First Prize!!!

Ah, the final page of Issue 2!  (I kinda like the no words theme for the final page montage, so think that’ll be a tradition.  >)  As for what’s coming in Issue 3, well, think I’ll delve into some more of the minor characters we see running about.  So next week will be the cover for Issue 3.

Right, so there’s a contest a brewin!  A Coffintest!  Hmm… that’s bad… I’ll work on that.

Anyways!  What I’m wanting is a costume contest!!!  Dress up as a What’s Shakin’ character for Halloween, take pics, then send them in!  (Upon further review, dressing up your kids or pets will also count)  I’ll choose the awesomest for the grand prize of… wait for it… A COFFIN SHAKER!  Hehe!  Wicked huh?  Hand crafted by the Shaker himself!  I’ll also have something for the next 3 runners up!  Think a choice of 2 buttons might be cool.  How’s that sound?  Good deal eh?  Deadline for entry is November 7th (midnight EST on that monday night)!!  Also, please make the pics an acceptable size… so nothing like 300gb or 1kb… you know what I mean.

Posted the pic of my shaker!  Pretty neat huh?  You know you want one!  Hmm… debating on whether to leave it the light wood color, stain the wood darker or paint it a nice Coffinshaker purple… what do you guys think?  Making another one for display at cons and maybe another to sell… they’re kind of a pain in rear to make…  actually, I ended up massively destroying the first round of skullies.  Did you guys know that Sculpey was flammable?  lol!

Awe... they look sads...


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