Poor poor Berry…

So… I was thinking of having  another contest and this time… a costume contest!  Haven’t worked out the details, but I thought it’d be wicked awesome to have people submit pics of themselves dressed up for halloween as my characters!  Neat huh?  Anyways, what says you all?  Have to come up with a good prize though… hmm… more details to come I guess.

OH OH!  I also tried out a new caching system on this site to speed it up a bit.  Seems to do it a little I guess… what really needs it is Coffin Comics, but because of the polls, that’s not possible right now… gotta work that out it seems.  Anyways, let me know if you’ve noticed any difference or problems since last week.

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sister: You all stay put while I sort this out.
Panel 3:
Sister: Hello?
Skadefry: Ma'am.
Panel 4:
Skadefry: Are you all alone here?
Sister: Yeah, I sent the children ahead with the townsfolk when that monster came roaring in.
Skadefry: And where is this monster now?
Sister: Well, I heard a feuding (fight) outside. Did not see anything, but it sounded like he ran into the woods.
Skadefry: I see.
Panel 5:
Skadefry: Fulgur, use the water mages to put out these fires and have all non mages begin restoration. Sanferd, take the other mages and find these "townsfolk". Let it be known that the Extinguishers have saved this town.
Fulgur & Sanferd: Yes Sir!
Panel 6:
Pai: What!
Panel 7:
Skadefry: What?
Sister: W-what? What! An amazing bunch of heroes you all are!
Panel 8:
Skadefry: Indeed. Anders, fortify this post; it will serve as our new point of operation. Alright, men, move out!
Panel 9:
Sister: So... Mr. Anders ws it?