Hmm… guess there’s LARPers even in this universe… XD

Also!  Made a few avatar icons!  Use them wherever, but if you want to have them work on wordpress sites, you have to go to and set it up.  It’s free and all you have to do to make it work is put your email in with the comment (don’t worry, I don’t sell it and it’s not shown anywhere… don’t even think it has to be a real email, just as long as it matches your gravatar account.)  These will be up on the Swag pages on both my sites.  >)

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sister Something like that will catch plenty of attention.:
Sister: Just an old oil can caught fire. Nothing to worry about.
Panel 2:
Sister The townsfolk never said anything. But I think they knew.:
Panel 3:
Sister And of course the other kids would give him a hard time.:
Panel 4:
Sister When they were not scared silly of him.:
Panel 5:
Sister We tried everything with him. Even gave him those gloves and made robes from his bedding. No matter what we did, he would always blow something up. And every time he would have to go back into hiding.:
Panel 6:
Man: Evening, ma'am.
Panel 7:
Man: Word is, you have a fire mage amongst you.
Panel 8:
Sister: You are right! Rusty here is a level five!
Panel 9:
Man: I see. Sorry to bother you.
Sister We got lucky, but to keep all the kids safe, we knew what had to be done.:
Rusty: Fireball! Fireball!
Panel 10:
Sister So we had to set him off (on his own). But we always kept him in earshot (close by), until he met you all--:
Panel 11:
Nith: Awe! So you are actually nice after all!
Panel 12:
Sister: Don't interrupt!
Panel 13:
Sister: And yes! I am a very sweet lady!