So that’s how he got that name!  >)  Oddly enough, this started out as a brief sketch (as shown) a while back…  Been waiting to use it somewhere!  XD

Hmm… Page 52…  Supposed to be the official end of Issue 2, buuuuut it’s going to run a bit over.  Figured this would be a good time to visit a bit of shaker history.

For all those new readers out there, this is one of my weird little things I do with my flashbacks.  Every time I go into a past story, I put it in a different art style.  Why?  Well… cause I’m insane, duh!  lol!  So for this arc, I went with the old Scooby Doo or Adams Family or any of the other old-school TV cartoons.  Truth be told, this was, more or less, what I originally planned for the series.  Ok, I think I had more of a Dragon Ball look in my head, with the bright saturated colors and watercolored background, but that ended not being feasible at the time.  Maybe one day I’ll opt to change things, but for now I kinda like how it’s lookin.

Anywho…  I’m sure I’ll run into more flashbacks, so let me throw out the question; what styles would you guys like to see in future flashbacks?  Nothing that’s too direct though, like make everything ponies (though that’d freaking hilarious) but rather “flash style”.  What do y’all think?

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sister: Ah yes, that sure brings me back!
Panel 2:
Sister: About twenty some odd years.
Panel 3:
Lady: Sister! We've got another one!
Sister That is when your friend showed up.:
Panel 4:
Sister: Well, come on in out of the cold.
Panel 5:
Sister: So, little guy, what's your name?
Panel 6:
Sister: Guess that settles it!
Panel 7:
Sister: Alright, lets get you in a warm bath and dried up!
Panel 9:
Sister And that is when we knew we were in trouble.:
Panel 10:
Lady Now lets start with ice. The most basic of all the magic.:
Sister We tried to correct him. To hide his powers and hope he would forget.:
Panel 11:
Lady: Just focus on the cold and try to make it grow.
Panel 12:
Sister But you all know how that turned out.: