Woot! It’s my 1 year + 1 week anniversary! LOL! XD ok… enough with that gag.

So folks, looks like the return of our favorite head mistress of the orphanage.  (Sisters of the Yard… in case y’all forgot)  Fun times shall be had by all!

I redesigned my front page for Coffin Comics, so that you can see all the updates on both sites!  I know many people have been looking for a place to see all my ongoings at once, so think of it as the new hub.  Should make things easier… in theory.  For now, looks like I’m updating on mondays as well over at CC with my “Tooned News” series.  I’ve been tinkering with the idea of doing even more… but lets just start things off slow here.  >)  Anywho, follow the link and bookmark so you can get all the updates in one spot.  Otherwise, peace out!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sister: This here is exactly what I was talking about!
Panel 2:
Nith: Are you serious? We just saved your lives... and part of the town--
Panel 3:
Sister: Don't talk back!
Panel 4:
Sister: Well, you all come on in before the others catch wind of (find) you.
Panel 5:
Ell: Not that I am complaining, but why did you decide to help us?
Panel 6:
Sister: That's just what we do! The sisters look after those in need. And by the looks of your friends down there, I'd reckon (wager) you all are in a lot of need.
Panel 7:
Sister: And here we are. You all can lay low (hide) until I say they are gone.
Panel 8:
Ell: I take it you all have had run-ins (altercations) like this before?
Sister: For the most part, people keep to their own (stay out of our business).
Panel 9:
Sister: But sometimes we will get a child that will attract a bit more attention.
Panel 10:
Sister: Like that half wit (stupid) friend of yours--
Pai: Hey! What's this!?