Sigh… maybe he needs to brush up a little on his earth magic skills.  Hmm… speaking of, is it right to call it “earth” magic when the world is called Evwar?  “evwar” magic?  lol


Oh, it has also come to my attention not everyone who reads What’s Shakin’ knows of my other comic… So… Just in case, I do another comic called Coffin Comics!  It’s like gaming and geeking webcomics every Wednesday and Friday (and possibly another day… we’ll see).  Soooooo yeah.  If you haven’t checked it out, give it a look!  >D

Sigh… I need a better banner for this  XP
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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ell: Y'all ok hun?
Nith: I-- I'm--
Panel 2:
Nith: Fff-- (fine)
Panel 5:
Fred: Oh no! Looks like your battlemage has run out of steam! How unfortunate. Now then,
Panel 6:
Fred: You know what I have come for, mage. And there is nowhere else for you to run.
Panel 7:
Fred: All this destruction. All of it, is your fault. Give me some of your fire magic and I won't have to hurt anyone else.
Panel 8:
Fred: Or maybe...
Panel 9:
Fred: I should find out if your friend there knows any fire magic too.
Panel 14:
Fred: This is almost insulting! I have defeated legions of mages a thousand times greater than you!
Panel 15:
Fred: Now, where was I? Ah yes, the green one--