Yikes!  Wonder who that is… Probably old man Wilkins.  It’s always him.  And he’d have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for those meddling kids and that blob!

I had the immense pleasure to meet one of my online favs, JD Calderon from The Oswald Chronicles at the Florida Super Con.  He does an awesome thing where he grabs all the indy comics in the joint and gives them a review on his site!  So go to his site and check out the podcast HERE (it’s at the bottom of his post)!!!  You should also check out the rest of his work too!  Great stuff!

I added a Survey, I’d like you guys to fill out for me.  Trying to get some feedback in the way of what works and what doesn’t on both my sites and maybe get an idea on what to do going forward.  Been trying to make this work as a fulltime gig for almost a year now and it’s been a lot of fun, though I’m getting nervous as the income isn’t exactly where it needs to be atm…  so… lets powow here!  Lets figure out a way to get this to work out.  So if you have any suggestions, let me know on the Survey Page!  Thanks all!

You may have noticed the Amazon banner.  I’m trying this affiliate thing so how it works is this… I pick out some wicked nice stuff to put in the banner, Coffin Approved, and if you click on it to buy from Amazon, I get something like 4% commission.  Not a lot, but hey, if you wanted to get it anyways, why not help a Shaker out, huh?  >)

Trying to get some Google Ads up here too… gotta get some revenue somehow, eh?

So I just purchased a VPS server space!  I appologize to everyone who has tried to get on my site and received a 503 error with questionable links.  You can thank IXWebhosting for that junk.  So I’m going with MyHosting.com!  Great price (like $10/mo more than I pay now and an A+ rating from the BBB, so lets cross our fingers it’ll work out!  In theory, you should NEVER get an error like that again. HOWEVER, this means I will need to migrate everything over!  This is evil and scary and I have no idea what I’m doing, lol… So, that means I’m going to try and not break everything while moving a ton of stuff.  I will do my best to keep all the comments in order and everything else.  This also means some of my comics may not be up at their scheduled times (like this week’s coffin comics or the next monday’s what’s shakin) since it’s going to take all my concentration to not go insane and run through the streets naked when I finally snap.  So uh… you can always make a donation to my bail money fund… XD

So cross your fingers for me!  I should get everything back in order soon.  Until then, things maybe kinda out of wack for a while.

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Transcript: English

Panel 2:
Pai: What'n Evwar (world) could have done such a thing?
Panel 3:
Nith: Only two creatures in the world have the power, skill, and history of doing damage of this scale. But this time, Coffin has a really good alibi.
Panel 5:
Nith: The only other that could have done this is-- is-- is--
Panel 6:
Nith: Nooo!
Panel 7:
Ell: What's wrong?
Nith: My home! My beautiful home! It's all gone!
Panel 8:
Ell: Nith, hun. For the last time, the inn is not a home.
Nith: B-but all my stuff--
Ell: Yeah, about that... Those towels are not your's either.
Panel 9:
Nith: Come on, Coffin! You know how much this place means to me! Can't you use your magic to save it?
Panel 11:
Nith: Seriously?
Panel 13:
Nith: Pink? Uh Oh!