Ah, the trio again.  Been a little while since we’ve seen them huh?  Fun things to happen soon enough I suppose.

Also, I had a bit of a hickup the other day with the site.  Sorry it went down for so long folks.  I’m a bit… what’s the word?  Irate, at the moment.  Well, I have a few better words, but this is a family show.  Anyways, the evil web hosting service decided that my site was getting too much traffic for their liking, despite them having “unlimited traffic”.  Total lies!  So, they shut me down for a “TOS Violation”.  Long story short, their server is junk if you get any decent traffic and in the interim, I had to throttle the visits so it won’t be shut down again.  A bad fix I know… Only can get 3o page requests per 15sec.  So if you have trouble accessing my sites in the future, wait a sec and try again.  I’m exploring other options, though they suggested an expensive dedicated server that I can’t possibly afford… so… we’ll see.  I’ll keep y’all informed, but if you run into trouble (a 503 error), let me know.

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