Burn Baby Burn!  Coffin Inferno!

It didn’t help that I had bad disco music running through my head the entire time I drew this…

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Transcript: English

Panel 2:
Pai: Um, I'm not sure what I'm looking at.
Panel 3:
Nith: Alright, I had better tell this one--
Panel 4:
Nith: So there I was!
Ell: Uhg!
Nith: Ok ok, fine! Well after I left Haffenway (place), I ended up in Crambone (place).
Nith: Sure, I made a few coin here and there, but I needed some capital to start my business.
Nith: So I borrowed a little from some local investors.
Panel 5:
Nith: Had a few good quests and was able to pay off my debt.
Nith Background: There, repaid in full!
Panel 6:
Crime Boss Background: Not so fast there! You owe, uh, what did you call it Jebhadai (name)?
Jebhadai Background: Interest adjusted for inflation!
Crime Boss Background: Yeah, what he said! Now pay up!
Panel 7:
Nith: But I didn't think the Villa Inc. Bank would be so misleading about our agreement. (read: villain)
Nith Background: What? That wasn't the deal!
Crime Boss Background: Looks like you owe an extra 20 gold.
Panel 8:
Nith Background: I can't pay that!
Crime Boss Background: Jebhadai, show him what we do with delinquent accounts!
Nith Background: Wait! Stop!
Panel 9:
Nith Background: Hey! Ow! Stop!
Panel 10:
Nith: And this guy just comes out of nowhere!
Panel 11:
Nith: Man, you should have seen his moves. That guy was on fire!
Panel 12:
Nith: Ever since then, we've been an unstoppable team--
Panel 13:
Pai: None of that happened, did it?
Ell: I'm sure they think that's how it all did.
Panel 14:
Pai: I'm almost afraid to ask, but what did Coffin do before that?
Panel 15:
Nith: Don't know!! He's never said!
Panel 17:
Nith: Oh come on! That was pure gold! Hey, no need to give me the silent treatment! No wait! It was just a joke-- (interrupted)