And thus starts my fun mini arc of back stories.  Figured this was a good time for it.  >)

That and I wanted to draw in that style again.  lol!  Dunno why, but I love drawing that old way.  Fun fun!

Edit:  Also, Coffin and the gang had a cameo appearance over on Draco’s site!  Check it out!


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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Nith: I think this should just about do it.
Panel 2:
Nith: Light them up, Coffin!
Panel 3:
Nith: Really?
Panel 4:
Ell: Um... You alright, Honey?
Panel 5:
Pai: Well, you all seem so close. Like a family. So is it really ok for me to join?
Panel 6:
Ell: Of course, Honey! We all had our share of trouble in the past. But it just lead us to on another in the end.
Nith Background: Hey, quit fooling--
Panel 7:
Pai: So, then how did you meet all of them then?
Nith Background: Come on Coffin! Use fire!
Panel 8:
Ell: Well...
Nith Background: Oh, you are going to get it now!
Panel 9:
Ell: Once upon a time, when I was young. I fell in love with the most wonderful man. We were to be married soon after. But there was another...
Panel 10 + 11:
Ell: He was obviously taken by my beauty. Though he tried to court me, my heart was already taken.
Panel 12:
Ell: And in his jealousy, he cast a terrible spell that separated us forever.
Panel 13:
Ell: But I vowed to hunt him down!
Panel 14:
Ell: And searched for years and years, but never found him.
Panel 15:
Ell: I thought there was nothing left for me.
Panel 16:
Ell: Until I ran across those guys.
Panel 17:
Ell: Who promised to help me find that son-of-a-gun. (derogatory term) And though we have not found him yet, I had decided to stay with them as my new family.
Panel 18:
Ell: A decision I've grown to regret at least once a day.