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Thanks all who participated in last week’s contest!

In other news…

Super SaiyaShaker Shop Sale!!!

That’s right folks!  Prices slashed across the board!
$6 Books
$8 Prints
$2 Magnets
$1 Buttons

$2 Digital Book Downloads!!

So if you didn’t want to pay all that shipping and whatnot, but wanted to help out and get a few extras exclusive to the books, then this is how!  The downloads are pretty big though, but they’re like super adHD so it’s all good.  >)

(Just a note though, the printed books are bought/shipped separate via kablam.  Also, buttons and magnets have to be shipped separate from prints so they don’t get all messed up.)

So stop on by, y’all!!!!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Pai: So, where are you all headed?
Nith: Crambone (place), for now...
Panel 2:
Nith: But it will be dark soon and we need to put as much distance between us and those other guys before we make camp.
Panel 3:
Pai: Why? Can't Coffin just use his fire powers if they come looking for trouble?
Panel 4:
Nith: Well... Truth is, he got real lucky back there.
Panel 5:
Nith: I've seen him do this before. He fills the air with fire magic, which makes his attacks much stronger. But it requires a lot of time to pull off.
Panel 6:
Nith: And I doubt they will give him the chance the next time we meet.
Panel 7 + 8:
Nith: So we need to keep moving. And avoid any trouble if we can.