Yikes!  Well that’s not cool!  Thems his own people and all.  For shame…  >(

Anyways!  I got a super special event that I’d like to share with you all!  I’m going off on a trip to visit family next week, so there won’t be a What’s Shakin’ for the 16th…  Also, my bday is coming up shortly after that so I thought it’d be great to have a little present from you all to fill in for the missing day!  What I mean is a contest!  A Fan Art Contest!!!

So here’s the deal.  Send in your What’s Shakin’ fan art to me (at the address below).  Only thing I ask is that it’s tasteful (I like to keep it a bit pg13 here), probably don’t have to say, but it’s the internets, so ya never know…

The deadline is May 14th at Midnight U.S. Eastern Time… 2011…

“But Coffin, why should I?  Do your own art!  Jerk!”  wow, how mean!  Anyways, I will be choosing 1 piece that I really like… something that sends my brain to its happy place.  So… subjective I suppose?  “What do I get for it?”  Why, just the best thing ever!  A Shiny new signed copy of my What’s Shakin’ Issue 1 book!!! /queue lights and cherubs!

On that Monday, I’ll post all the art and name a single winner (again, subjective; could be skill, could be content, could be whatever; just whatever fancies me I guess… no qqs!  I <3s you alls!)


TL;DR – No comic the 16th. Stop. Instead fan art contest. Stop.  Deadline May 14th Midnight EST. Halt. Chance to win a What’s Shakin Issue 1 book! Woot.

(Rules:  NO NSFW, no nakeds, nothing like that.  No talkin coffins.  One entry per person.  You MUST use your real email address to send it to me, cause I will email you back on that same address to get your mailing information.  Oh, and send me a nice scan/copy… if it’s like 10×10 pixels, I’ll probably die a little on the inside.  Again, the requirements for winning are subjective!  So no QQ or I PEW PEW!  Should you already own a copy of WS Issue 1, then good for you!  Just let me know and I’ll send you a Coffin Comics Issue 1 instead!  Also, by sending it to me, needless to say, it gives me permission to reproduce it here on the site and in print form (maybe in the next issue perhaps?  no promises.)  Um… what else?  Void where prohibited?  Sure, why not?  Sounds good.)

Send Attached file and Name (can be your comments handle if you like), to:
contest1 (at) whatsshakincomic (dot) com

(ps… that’s a # one after the word “contest”… just in case the font doesn’t show up clearly.)

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ell: What is going on?
Nith: I do not know, but it sure does not look good. Come on, we better check it out.
Panel 2:
Guy: This is what I was talking about! His kind is nothing but trouble! Fire magic is forbidden and for good reason!
Panel 3:
Staff: His? It was those other guys that did all of this damage!
Panel 4 and 5:
Guy: Not all! He made as much of this mess as they did.
Staff: But if he did not fight back, they would have torn the city apart!
Guy: Looking for him!
Staff: And he is one of our own! We aught to stand our ground and protect him!
Panel 6 and 7:
Guy: But you all heard him! Fred is back!
Guy: And he is looking for a fix (eat)!
Guy: If he got ahold of that mage--
Panel 8:
Staff: So what? You all want to just hand him over to those other guys? Do not think they will put him up in a nice inn, do you?
Panel 9:
Guy: And if he stays here, both of them will be looking for that mage. Tearing this place apart in the process!
Panel 10:
Guy: So all of you should have turned him over when we still had the chance!
Panel 11:
Chancellor: Now now! All of you just settle down!
Panel 15:
Ms. Apple: Chancellor?
Chancellor: No, let them go. People are just not ready to listen to good sense yet.