Very sneaky!  But I guess you don’t climb a giant tower mountain thing without some kind of backup.

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Skadefry: If you think that you have found victory today, then you are sorely mistaken. For on this day we could have prevented the end.
Panel 1:
Skadefry: The fire eternal has risen once again and it seeks only our destruction.
Panel 3:
Skadefry: So remember; when your children cry out as your homes burn...
Panel 4:
Skadefry: That today's victory went only to that monster.
Panel 11:
Pai: So... does this mean you all won?
Ell: Cough. I reckon (think) for now, Hun (term of endearment).
Panel 12:
Ell: But I have to admit, shield gliding is not a half bad idea! What? It's not!