Ah, finally!  It’s nice to see Coffin able to cut loose a little.  Man, I can’t tell you how many times it took to redo that fire before I liked it!  Uhg!  Enjoy!

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Get your copy of Issue 1 today! $5.99 on IndyPlanet! Includes a few extra pages of bios and my processes… plus, it just looks really cool!  Yeah, you know I’ll bug y’all about this for a week or two.  hehehe.  >)





Yar! Ther’ now be swag fer tha plunderin!

That’s right folks!  Get your very own wallpaper of the bottom panel on the Swag page at the top!  FREE!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Nith: Get down!
Panel 2:
Skadefry: Why have you stopped?
Panel 4:
Skadefry: What--
Panel 6:
Skadefry: Oh...