I dunno bout you guys, but I think he’s gonna give them all ice cream to make new friends!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Skadefry: You made the right decision, fire mage.
Panel 2:
Someone: This just is not right!
Panel 3:
Someone: We have to do something!
Panel 4:
Someone: Yes, but you all heard him. They are extinguishers! So he must be back then!
Someone: They never said he was!
Panel 5:
Shop Owner: This magic is forbidden for good reason! Look at the trouble it has caused!
Staff: Quit your yammering (talking)!
Panel 6:
Staff: He is a mage. And that is all that matters.
Someone: But what can we do? If we help, they will tear down the whole city!
Panel 7:
Pai: Enough talk! We can not let them do this! Come on Ell, lets go mess them up!
Ell: Now you are talking, Pai! Come on Nith (interrupted)
Panel 8:
Nith: No...
Panel 9:
Ell: What?! How can you just let them (interrupted)
Panel 10:
Nith: No, there is something wrong.
Panel 11:
Nith: I know Coffin and he would never just let himself get captured.
Panel 12:
Nith: Unless...