I’m back guys! And thank you to everyone at the con who came to see me! Also, I’ll be getting my lazy bones motivated to get the book put in the store “soon” for anyone that might be interested in having a copy. >)

Oh, and WELCOME new readers! Enjoy your stay here at What’s Shakin’! Updates are Mondays and if you’re looking for my wowcraft parody, that’s over on Coffin-Comics.com. Come on down next week to see what’s shakin’!! >D

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Chancellor: I won't let you get away with this!
Panel 2:
Chancellor: Guards!
Panel 3:
Skadefry: I think you will find your security is asleep on the job.
Panel 4:
Skadefry: We are not looking for a fight. All we want is the fire mage.
Panel 5:
Skadefry: Just turn him over and nobody will be hurt. Resist or continue to abet him and the consequences will be most dire.
Panel 6:
Staff: Well we are not letting you take him anywhere!
Crowd: Yeah! Woot! Right on (interrupted)
Panel 8:
Lady: Why are you all doing this?
Panel 9:
Skadefry: Because it feeds upon them. And it is our sworn duty to cut off the food supply.
Panel 10:
Staff: Do not go thinking a few knives and some turncoat mages are going to scare us!
Panel 11:
Staff: We protect our own, until we are down to the very last (person) (interrupted)
Panel 12:
Pai: Wait!
Panel 13:
Pai: Coffin! No!