Wut Row! This can’t be good! How’re dem shaker boys gonna get outta this one? Stay tuned!

In other news, this weekend is MegaCon in Orlando! Stop on by if you can. I’ll be in Red #6? Something like that… Look for the Jester Brand banner in the small press section! I’m um… still crossing my fingers for Issue 1. Think positive thoughts!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Chancellor: What in tar-nation (the world) is going on here?
Panel 2:
Skadefry: Take the men and begin the sweep.
Panel 3:
Orc guy: You all heard the man! Turn this place inside out!
Panel 5:
Chancellor: Answer me (interrupted)
Panel 6:
Skadefry: Silence!
Panel 7:
Skadefry: I am Skadefry, Commander of the Extinguishers.
Panel 8:
Skadefry: Defenders of Evwar (the world) and stayers of the flame.
Panel 9:
Skadefry: And we have come for the fire mage.