Wow!  26 already?  Seems like just yesterday I was working on my first page.  Had quite the adventure getting to this point and I’m happy to say, this is just the beginning!  So stay tuned folks as What’s Shakin’ will be live and kicking with Issue 2 shortly!  Next week will be the cover art and probably the week after starts page 27.  Yeah, think I’ll keep going with the page numbers on the site, seems cleaner that way.

Anywho, it looks like there’s a bit of trouble brewing for our heroes.  Originally I had planned some dialog scattered about, but I really like the way it flows without it.

I’ll keep yall posted on the progress with the printed version!  I’m putting the finishing touches on it now and hope to have it sent to the printers early this week.  It’s got some fun extras like bios and a world map, which, btw… was a heck of a lot of fun to make!  XD   Also working on a super secret awesome project to put in my swag section… originally planned to be in the printed book, but I pulled it for reasons I’ll get into later.  You’ll see soon, don’t worry.  >)

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