Time to get serious folks!  Err… well sorta…

Anyways, if you haven’t seen it on my other site, I have nice little Valentine’s Day card for you to give to your best gal or guy!  Just click for the larger version, download, and print.

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Announcer: All you have to do is subdue that Haint (spirit) to win! Now are you all ready? Alright! Then --
Panel 2 & 3:
Announcer: Getter Done! (Begin)
Panel 4:
Professor: Well now, you do not look at all worried.
Ms. Apple: See, that is a frost Haint (spirit), so it should be weak to fire.
Panel 5:
Ms. Apple: So all he has to do is cast one little fireball and this will all be over faster than an ogre in an eating contest --
Panel 9:
Professor: Looks like he is going to stick with ice.
Panel 10:
Ms. Apple: I am so fired!
Panel 20:
Nith: ...and that is how I single handedly defeated an army of -- W-- What? Did I miss something?