Almost had em Coffin m’boy… better luck next time!

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Announcer: Welcome all to the early graduation exam! Today we have something special on the fire. Literally! Fire versus Ice! Right here, right now in the grand exhibition stadium!
Panel 2:
Announcer: Now let us summon our critter.
Panel 3:
Announcer: In this here corner, the frost haint, Airish!
Panel 4:
Nith: Haint?
Pai: Yeah, the creation of a very high summoner.
Panel 5:
Pai: It's like the solid ghost of a sleeping spirit. Has all of the skills of that spirit, but its only as strong as the summoner who calls it.
Panel 6:
Pai: Basically, just a copy. The spirit thinks its dreaming, but if its all beat up here, it will just wake up unharmed in the spirit world--
Panel 7:
Announcer: And introducing Coffinshaker, the mage of fire!
Panel 8:
Pai: Woah! Who's that tall drink of water?
Panel 9:
Ell: Who? Coffin? Are you serious?
Panel 10:
Pai: What? That's your friend? But I thought you all said he was a mess.
Ell: Yeah... Just give him time.
Panel 11:
Pai: I don't know what you are talking about! He looks perfectly (interrupted)
Panel 12:
Pai: Wait. What are you...
Panel 13:
Pai: Stop, don't do--
Panel 14:
Pai: no! no! NO!
Panel 15:
Ell: Ah... There we are.