Fight some sort of monster for an exit exam? Psh, my calculus finals were tougher than that! But I’m sure it’s going to be a little bit rough, I guess. >)

PS!!!! I’m going to be at the Tampa Comic Con on February 20th, so if you’re close by, come on down to say hi! I’ll have some wares and whatnot for sale (like my first issue of the Coffin Comics book! ooOOooOO!! /sparkles ). Oh, and while I’m on the subject, I’ll be at Megacon on March 25-27th if you’re in the Orlando area.

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ms. Apple: Chancellor!
Panel 2:
Chancellor: Ah, come on! What is the matter this time?
Panel 3:
Ms. Apple: He just blew a hole in the education tower!
Panel 4:
Chancellor: Merely an accident--
Ms. Apple: No! That is the last straw!
Panel 5:
Ms. Apple: All the other parents took their kids out of the class because of him! Not only did he blow up my classroom,
Panel 6:
Ms. Apple: But now the tower? Chancellor! He must be expelled!
Panel 7:
Chancellor: Ms. Apple, I have told you before, the only way that boy leaves is if he graduates --
Ms. Apple: Then as his instructor I am using my right to envoke his graduation exam.
Chancellor: You know the consequence should you both fail.
Panel 8:
Poster: Graduation Exhibition. Fire versus Ice. Monday Monday Monday
Panel 9:
Ms. Apple: I do, and he will not fail! I am willing to risk my job on that!
Panel 10:
Chancellor: Alright then, we will give him the exam --
Panel 11:
Chancellor: But did you all really need to bring torches? A bit dramatic do you not think?
Panel 12:
Ms. Apple: Huh? The blast knocked out all of the "Light Vines"... Did you not notice? Or were you sleeping?