Ah, and there we are! Blue Berry and Pai.

So… what was ol Coffin trying to cast up there? Levitate a feather maybe?

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ell: Well, good! I am Ell and this, um... was my friend Nith.
Nith: Gurgle
Panel 2:
Girl: I am Pai and this was my spirit Berry. Nice to make your acquaintance.
Panel 3:
Ell: That can easily be fixed. So tell me, Pai. What was all that about?
Panel 4:
Pai: They are some bullies from my school.
Panel 5:
Pai: But they are not wrong, I do not have any magic!
Panel 6:
Pai: When I was young, there was a terrible accident during my training and I have not been able to cast a spell since. I lost my parents in that accident and have been stuck in this boarding school ever since.
Panel 7:
Pai: But I just can not go back there! The others just tease and hit me! Please! Do not make me go back! I would rather live on the streets than there!
Panel 8:
Ell: It's alright, hun. How about you come along with us?
Panel 9:
Pai: Really?
Ell: Yeah, we have a friend who is kind of in the same situation as you. We were just about to wonder over and pay him a visit. So you in?
Pai: Yes --
Panel 11:
Pai: Wow! What the heck happened?
Panel 12:
Ell: Oh, um, that would probably be our friend...