Whew! Hot off the presses… literally! Man though… this one hurt… stupid colds… XP

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Red Headed Step Child: And what do we have here? By the looks of your worn armor; a washed out battlemage and his mom.
Panel 3:
Still that kid...: So how about you go back to walking little old ladies across the street and leave matters of truancy to us!
Panel 4:
Nith: Hey! She might be old, but she's got more power in her little--
Panel 9:
Little Brat: Spirits save us! She just took out one of her own!
Panel 10:
Nith: Run children!! Save yourselves!
Panel 13:
Girl: I... Um...
Panel 14:
Nith: Little help?
Panel 15:
Ell: You alright, sweetie?