Oh hey look! It’s that girl that I draw a lot… wonder if I’ll finally give her a name… XD

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Nith: Uhg! This is so boring! He's taking forever up there!
Sign: Back Alley Elixirs (Wine is fine but elixir is quicker)
Panel 2:
Ell: Oh come now. We're going to give Coffin as much time as he needs.
Panel 3:
Nith: But what are we going to do in the mean time?
Panel 4:
Ell: Just use your imagination and this will be over before you know--
Panel 5:
Nith: Buuuusted! Get your quests busted here!
Sign: Bust one and get one busted free!
Panel 6:
Ell: No...
Panel 7:
Girl: Screams
Panel 8:
Ell: You hear that?
Nith: Ack!
Panel 9:
Girl: Screams
Ell: In here! Hurry!