Well then… looks like I don’t know how to schedule things properly! lol! Sorry for the delay folks.

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ms. Apple: No No! NO! You have to focus! Let's try it again--
Panel 2:
Ms. Apple: Harder!
Panel 3:
Ms. Apple: No, you're--
Panel 4:
Ms. Apple: Um...
Panel 5:
Ms. Apple: Uhg...
Panel 6:
Ms. Apple: Listen! Just settle down a bit and concentrate on the ice forming in your hands.
Panel 7:
Ms. Apple: Now focus it and release--
Panel 10:
Ms. Apple: rrrrrrhhhhhhh!
Panel 11:
Ms. Apple: Ok, lets try something else!
Panel 12:
Ms. Apple: Some nice soft air spells! Yup! Just think about a gentle breeze--
Panel 13:
Ms. Apple: Never mind!
Panel 14:
Ms. Apple: From the top! Feel the chill in your hands. Focus. Focus. Now just cast ice. grrrrhhhh!