I knew he wasn’t totally crazy! Well… ok he is, but in this case… hmm… just a little?

Seems though Coffin’s stirring up a fuss no matter where he goes. Guess folks don’t take too kindly to his type ’round these parts neither.

Stay tuned in folks! More What’s Shakin’ coming to you hot off the, um, drawing tablet, next monday! >D

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ms. Apple: Chancellor!
Panel 2:
Ms. Apple: Did you know about this -- this fire mage in my class?
Panel 3:
Chancellor: Calm down Ms. Apple, it's all going to be ok--
Panel 4:
Ms. Apple: Ok? OK?! He blew up the side of my class room!
Panel 5:
Ms. Apple: Not only that, but now I have to explain why they all just saw fire magic!
Panel 6:
Chancellor: And what would be so wrong about that, Ms. Apple?
Panel 7:
Ms. Apple: You're kidding right?
Panel 8 and 9:
Ms. Apple: Have you forgotten it's forbidden? About what happened?
Panel 10:
Chancellor: No, I'm well aware, Ms. Apple...
Panel 13:
Chancellor: But that happened a long time ago. Maybe it's time for us to move on. Maybe it's time to change.
Ms. Apple: But--
Panel 14:
Chancellor: But nothing!
Writing: We have followed the spy for 3 weeks now, -- in doing so, entered mage territory. He managed to elude us but we suspect he remains close to the city. I should -- we ran into -- interest. A -- can use fire --
Panel 15:
Chancellor: His tuition has been paid through graduation. You will teach this fire mage the magic he came to learn. And maybe when all is said and done, this mage will teach us what we forgot a long time ago. Now I don't want to hear any more fuss about this.
Ms. Apple: (In the background) No! I said ice! ICE!
Panel 16:
Writing: After further testing I have concluded that the mage is -- one we seek. His skills -- fire are exceptional, but lacks both focus and restraint. He has gone to the city to learn other magic types in order to defend against Fred. There has been no sign of -- Eternal. I will track the mage's progress here and -- any changes, unless further orders are given. --