Hmm, I’ve lost track now of how many school houses he’s blown up…

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ms. Apple: Class, lets welcome our new student, Coffinshaker
Panel 2:
Students: Hi Mr. Coffinshaker!
Panel 3:
Ms. Apple: Now take a seat and we can begin.
Panel 4:
Ms. Apple: In today's class we'll talk about all of you all birth elements. You can learn all kinds of magic, but your birth type will be your strongest.
Panel 5:
Ms. Apple: Now, what are all the magic elements again? (oh, oh! Holy?) Yes, good! (and spirit?) That too.
Panel 6:
Students: Earth. Time.
Butterfly: Hey buddy! You got to help me here!
Panel 7:
Students: Water. Lightening!
Butterfly: I'm trapped out here! There's no air, man! you-- got to-- cough let--
Panel 8:
Students: Ummm, air!
Ms. Apple: Good! That's all of them!
Butterfly: cough Me in! gasp dying--
Panel 9:
Student: Ms. Apple, what about fire?
Panel 10:
Ms. Apple: Sorry, hun, but fire magic does not exist.
Panel 12:
Ms. Apple: Mr. Shaker!