Well, blow up one school house, shame on you. Blow it up again and uh, shame on… well… you just cant blow it up again!

Or something like that! Looks like there’s someone new in the mix, wonder if he/she’s going to be friend or foe!

Stay tuned!

ps… put a Bestiary thing together… kinda skimpy at the moment, but I reckon it’ll fill up soon enough. >D

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Sister: Get that little demon out of here!
Panel 2:
Ell: Pardon? Do you mean Coffin?
Sister: Yes! Now get!
Panel 3:
Nith: Alright, what's going on?
Panel 4:
Nith: We've come here for you to train him. Now what kind of problem do you have with my good friend?
Panel 5:
Sister: Um, ya see, well... We can't have his kind running around here. It's--
Nith: His kind?
Panel 6:
Sister: Yes. You see, we can't train a fire mage! Thats all been forbidden for a long time now. So if you all don't mind--
Panel 7:
Ell: No, he's needing to learn the other orders. Why didn't you all try to teach him those?
Panel 8:
Sister: Oh, we tried... Do you all see that school house over there?
Nith: Uh... No.
Sister: Exactly! That's where he "learned" water spells.
Nith: Oh my!
Panel 9:
Sister: It took two more burned down school houses before we had to let him go. He's just untrainable!
Panel 10:
Sister: Tell you what, take him to the city. They'll be able to help someone with his, problem. I'll write ahead to let them know. Just promise to leave now and never return!
Nith: Alright well thanks (interrupted with a door slam)