Yikes! What kind of mage doesn’t know a variety of spells? Hate to say it Coffin, but you needs some schoolins! >)

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Transcript: English

Panel 1:
Ell: Are you ok, hun?
Nith: Yeah, I'll be fine. That move just takes a lot out of me.
Panel 2:
Ell: Well, if you all give me a minute, I can heal you up. (accent simplified)
Panel 3:
Nith: So... Coffin.
Panel 4:
Nith: What was all that about?
Panel 5:
Ell: Looked to me like a trap.
Panel 6:
Nith: No...
Panel 7:
Nith: I mean with the fire. Don't you know any other spells?
Panel 8:
Nith: I see.
Panel 9:
Nith: You know, I don't think I've ever seen him use another spell type.
Ell: Me neither. What should we do?
Panel 10:
Nith: Guess we should head back and see if anyone in town can train him for cheap.
Ell: Aw, sorry hun, but Nith is right. We can't have you in danger like that again.