Well gang, here we are!  Starting off with the first page!  Exciting huh?  Hope you all enjoy!  Come on back next monday for another exciting addition to What’s Shakin’!

In other news… the shop is going to be down for the time being while I get things situated… I’ll let you all know when it’s open!  There will be wicked prints, magnets, and awesome buttons to be had!  The buttons look really really cool btw!  >D

Also, the forum is open as well!

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Transcript: English

Narrator: Like all great stories, ours starts with our heros bravely forging through the forest... ok... maybe not forging so much as lazily loafing about. None the less... Here they are, bravely taking a nap in the mid day sun...
Ell: So it's come to this!
Ell: Taking petty odd jobs for 20 pieces?
paper: Looking To Hire fire mage. reward 20gold!
Ell: And remind me again... Who spent our entire savings on promo shirts?
Nith: Hey! Gotta spend gold to make gold!
Ell: Ya, there ain't no way we're calling ourselves "quest busters"!
Nith: Awe, but it's catchy!
Ell: Catchy like the flu! Lucky for us we have Coffin or--
???: GET THEM!