It’s almost time for the big event! So here’s a bit of a teaser!

Well, I’m sure everybody has guessed, but yes, this is a new Coffinshaker comic series! But unlike “Coffin Comics”, it is a stand alone story, meaning its own thing, so no ties to anything specific. I will continue the other site as my satire comic, but this one I wanted to share a story with you… the story of a little mage and his friends. I’ll probably be a bit enigmatic about it so not to spoil anything. You’ll just have to come back every Monday to find out what happens next to Coffin and the gang! >D

The launch of the comic will officially be NEXT MONDAY so yall come back now, ya hear! I’ll also open up the forum at that time as well. Figured it would be nice to give you a friendly place to talk about them and ask questions or just shoot the breeze.  Also, the SHOP is still getting set up so that should be ready by next monday as well.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my family and friends for all their support! With out them, Coffin would probably have remained just a little doodle on a page in a dusty old sketchbook. And to all those out there who follow my drawing antics; you all give me such encouragement to keep on doing what I love to do! Thanks all!!!

So, here it is, the cover to a new beginning, Chapter 1 of What’s Shakin’!

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